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Cleaning my home | Discover home cleaning and organisation secrets

Are you ignoring something that is always present but could be affecting your health? I know what you’re thinking, there’s always something new to worry about. Thankfully this is really easy to fix. Discover the secret to winning a battle you’re unwittingly engaged in. Continue reading →Rate this:Share this:Like this:LikeLoading...AsideWhat comes to mind when you hear the phrase ‘spring cleaning’? A full day spent moving things around and doing a deep clean of areas that had not seen the light for the previous 364 days? We have come to associate spring cleaning with a thorough cleaning of our homes around March/April, the beginning of springtime. But did you know that prior to the advent of the vacuum cleaner, spring cleaning was traditionally done because it became warm enough in March to open doors and windows letting out the dust but not warm enough for insects to be a problem?

With your trusty vacuum cleaner always on hand, you probably don’t need to let out the dust once a year. That is our number one reason why you don’t need a yearly deep clean!

Number two, spring cleaning checklists…need I say more? Google ‘spring cleaning checklists’ and you’ll find tons of checklists with at least 10 tasks broken down into sub-tasks. Anyone would find those overwhelming unless they’re Martha Stewart telling people how to thoroughly clean their home over 3 pages (including 8 steps to perfectly clean windows)! Our advice: break your checklists into weekly tasks and save the biggest tasks for monthly or quarterly cleaning. This way you won’t need an overwhelming spring cleaning day or checklist.

Three, if  you live in London you’re probably busiest as the weather gets warmer. There’s work, socialising with friends, family and planning for all three. You want a home that is constantly peaceful, clean and organised but have little time to spend on your knees scrubbing the little corner that no one gets to see. You also most likely don’t need to have your walls washed or your unused bed & table linen washed. These are tasks that are often unnecessary and items that are best preserved by minimal washing (for walls, if they are so bad just have them re-painted a new lovely colour).

Finally, if you have read this post, you are probably like me and find it mentally exhausting to think of spring cleaning or spring cleaning checklists. If it takes too long to read a checklist, it is probably ten times harder to actually perform those tasks. But you don’t have to! If you really want that crisp, floral spring feeling in your home you can have it with less stress by booking the best cleaners to do a deep clean to start you off.

The best way to go without spring cleaning ever, is to enjoy the satisfaction of a relatively clean home all year-round. You can do it yourself or delegate to family and friends. And for the average price of £10 per hour in London you can get experienced professionals to bring you the satisfaction of a clean home every single week.

In our next post, we research and bring you the best spring cleaning checklists from the experts broken down into manageable weekly and daily tasks…we’ll help you get rid of that overwhelming feeling.Rate this:Share this:Like this:LikeLoading...Aside



We are very excited to present to you a fresh new blog with great cleaning ideas and tools for constantly keeping your homes in the best state ever. Not just another blog, think ‘directory’, online ‘yellow pages’, one-stop review centre, the ‘uber’ of all things cleaning and home organising related!

Discover the local authority & charity services available to you, the nearest and best cleaning professionals in your area, new lifestyle services you never knew you needed, free and discounted offers from local businesses all in one location!

This blog is brought to you by Maid2Clean London (North and Central), inspired by the excellent cleaners we work with and who provide services to our fantastic clients in Marylebone, St John’s Wood, Camden, Islington and Hackney. We will be doing all the hard work in researching and bringing to you all the best tips for maintaining your home yourself or delegating to cleaning professionals. We have also networked with local businesses to introduce new services and offers to you.

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